Getting Started with the Intel Edisonand the Arduino break-out board Bert van Dam

Getting Started with the Intel Edison
and the Arduino break-out board
by Bert van Dam

The Internet of Things is rapidly gaining interest, and that has fueled the development of the Edison. A tiny computer, the size of a postage stamp, with a lot of power and built-in wireless communication capabilities.

In this book we will help you get up-to-speed with the Edison, by installing the software both on the Edison as well as on your Windows PC. We will use the Edison Arduino break-out board because it is easy to work with. We will discuss Linux, Arduino C++ and Python, and show examples of how the Edison can interface with other hardware. We will use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to set up wireless connections, and show you a trick to program sketches over Wi-Fi.

Once you have completed this book your Edison will be up and running with the latest software version, and you will have sufficient knowledge of both hardware and software to start making your own applications. You will even be able to program the Edison over USB and wireless both in Arduino C++ and Python.

This is not a projects book, but a toolbox that will allow you to explore the wonderful world of the Intel Edison!


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