Microcontroller Systems Engineering 45 projects for PIC, AVR and ARM

Microcontroller Systems Engineering
45 projects for PIC, AVR and ARM
by Bert van Dam

Microcontroller Systems Engineering - 45 projects for PIC, AVR and ARM is about a state of the art tool, Flowcode®, and how you can use Flowcode to develop microcontroller applications. The book starts very simply with a tutorial project and step-by-step instructions. As you go along the projects increase in difficulty and the new concepts are explained. Each project has a clear description of both hardware and software with pictures and diagrams, which explain not just how things are done but also why. All sources are available for free download.

This book covers 45 exciting and fun projects for beginners and experts such as: cell phone remote control, youth deterrent, GPS tracking, pulse width modulated motor control, persistence of vision, sound activated switch, CAN bus, Internet webserver and much more.

You can use it as a projects book, and build the projects for your own use. Or you can use it as a study guide to learn more about microcontroller systems engineering and the PIC, AVR and ARM microcontrollers.

Special thanks to Ben Rowland, Sean King, Steve Tandy and John Dobson for their help and support while writing this book, and Alan Dobson for his help with the final editing.

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