Microcontroller Systems Engineering 45 projects for PIC, AVR and ARM

MICterm microcontroller terminal program
for Microsoft Windows
by Bert van Dam

Free download


MICterm is a freeware terminal program, especially designed for use with microcontrollers. It has a number of unique features:

  • Switches a Wisp programmer automatically to pass-through.
  • Data can be shown in the following formats:
    • raw
    • hex
    • ASCII
  • Data can be displayed in any combination of:
    • numbers
    • binary
    • on a dial
    • in a graph (with average)
  • The speed of the graph can be changed, as well as the range.
  • Separate window for send and receive.
  • Optionally send files to, or receive files from, the microcontroller.
  • Send complete strings with a single button.
  • Send ASCII or single bytes.
  • Add spaces to the receive-display for easier viewing.
  • Settings are saved on exit.

This program is provided as-is with any warrenty of any kind (either express or implied), so use at your own risk. If you don't afgree then don't use this software.

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